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Capture One Pro

Capture One


Capture one is an industry leader Raw capture engine, it is renowned for it’s detail, color accuracy and rendering capabilities.

When tethering your camera with this application it can provide live previews of the photo shoot allowing the entire creative team to see closeup highly detailed results in real time.

The benefit of this is that corrections can be made to hair, makeup, lighting. clothing and posing during the shoot avoiding possible unnoticed issues during the shoot and ultimately saving time and money on the post processing phase.

Elixxier Set a Light

3D lighting render


German technology at it’s best, the very latest in 3D light modeling software is used prior to shooting to create photo realistic mood boards and lighting diagrams. This helps both the creative team and clients to decide on the lighting, mood and style prior to the shoot.

The benefit of doing so is that you know exactly what to expect with regards to mood and feel prior to the shoot, any required changes can be agreed upon before the shoot actually takes place effectively saving time.

Sony has made the most impact in the digital camera space in the last 2 years with regards to image processors and color reproduction.

Due to the amazing results and reproduction of colors when using Sony, the Sony system is the camera system of choice in the studio.

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